Jimmy Big Time - 2009

Jimmy Big Time - 2009$19.99 - BUY

Jimmy Big Time, Outdoor Channel's first-ever scripted comedy program, follows the exploits of Jimmy "Big Time" Miller, the self-described "Father of Outdoor Television." The show highlights one man's quest to become the greatest outdoor television host in history. Shot in mockumentary format, Jimmy Big Time is a hilarious and irreverent look at what happens behind the camera in the highly-competitive world of outdoor television.

The Best Defense - Season 1

The Best Defense - Season 1$32.95 - BUY

The Best Defense is Outdoor Channel’s hit self-defense series. The show features defense methods that involve both firearms and unarmed defense, with practical real-life simulations and realistic methods for dealing with self defense emergencies. The series utilizes law enforcement academies and military training facilities, where guest hosts and experts, including veteran law enforcement trainers and published personal defense authors, demonstrate life-saving techniques for home, work, and everywhere in-between. (13 episodes)

The Best Defense: Survival! - 2009

The Best Defense: Survival! - 2009$27.95 - BUY

Outdoor Channel's The Best Defense: Survival! features defense methods and survival techniques to help men and women quickly analyze and respond to some of the most dangerous and unimaginable situations imaginable. As a companion show to the hit Outdoor Channel series The Best Defense, this survival edition of that series travels the United States visiting military and civilian training centers to educate viewers about life-threatening scenarios, including terrorist attacks, natural disasters and other large-scale emergencies.

Savage Wild - Season 1

Savage Wild - Season 1$16.95 - BUY

Armed with only his wits, the most rudimentary tools, and zero armor, predatory expert Manny Puig guides you through some of the murkiest waters in the most dangerous places on earth, wrestling wild boars, monster alligators, and handling the most dangerous snakes known to man. Best known for his appearances as the long-haired educator, expert, and voice-of-reason for many Jackass stunts involving wild animals, Cuban-born Manny Puig has more than earned the necklace of teeth that adorn his body with years of experience spear-fishing and primitive hunting in what he calls the Savage Wild. (13 episodes)

Shooting Gallery - 2009

Shooting Gallery - 2009$19.95 - BUY

Shooting Gallery is cutting edge television for real shooters - whether they are collectors, competitors, hunters, or carry for self-defense. Hosted by author and competitive shooter Michael Bane, this Outdoor Channel original series explores the world of firearms technology, technique and history.

Speargun Hunter - 2009

Speargun Hunter - 2009$19.95 - BUY

This Outdoor Channel original series elite spear-fishing experts from around the world, the Speargun Hunter team travels to locations that reveal not only the stunning beauty of the ocean, but the real and present danger that comes with hunting large prey in the wildest environment on earth: the open ocean. With a live, no-nonsense reality feel, Speargun Hunter is never contrived, and you never know what will show up in the middle of the ocean.

Trev Gowdy's Monster Fish - Season 1

Trev Gowdy's Monster Fish - Season 1$21.95 - BUY

America's sportsman, Trev Gowdy, and famed international angler Dennis Braid, span the globe in search of the largest and most unusual species of fish on rod and reel. Trev Gowdy’s Monster Fish is all about size and the challenge, tactics and strategies for catching the biggest fish on the planet. (13 episodes)